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About the Pediatric Dental Center

Brooker’s Pediatric Dental Center was founded in 1994 by the Temkin family with the mission to ensure ALL children have access to Quality Dental Care. Our Dental Program is one of several programs operated by our non-profit organization. We have talented and caring dentists and dental professionals on our staff. The organization is managed by our Dental Director and a Board of Managers from the community. We are PROUD to serve ALL children living in Litchfield County. We accept HUSKY Dental Insurance and many private insurances and we have a scholarship fund to help families who have no insurance or cannot afford their insurance plan’s co-payments.

The long-term goal of the Pediatric Dental Center is to educate parents and children about good oral health and nutrition, and to instill life-long oral health habits. Good dental habits help to keep your child’s teeth and body healthy for their whole life. Our short-term goal is to introduce children to dentistry in a non-threatening way, to treat any dental issues they may have, and then to continue providing ongoing preventive dental care in partnership with each child and his/her parents.

Center History

The Pediatric Dental Center was started in 1994 with a gift from the Temkin family. Dr. Isadore Temkin, a Torrington dentist knew there were many patients who could not afford dental care for their children. He approached Brooker Memorial with the idea of a children’s dental center. Dr. Temkin and his family donated the funds for the equipment and renovations necessary to establish the clinic. They also provided a great deal of expertise, advice and resources to make it successful.

​The pediatric dental center was dedicated in memory of Dr. Abraham Temkin, brother to Dr. Isadore Temkin. Dr. Abe Temkin was a respected and beloved dentist in Torrington for many years. Brooker Memorial is grateful for the generosity, knowledge and interest that the Temkin family shared in 1994 to start the program and for their continued interest and involvement today.

Since its modest beginnings, the dental center has grown significantly and now boasts 5 fully outfitted exam rooms and provides dental care in the public schools in Torrington and in the Region One School District. The Region One school program is supported in part by the Foundation for Community Health in Sharon, CT. Last year, our pediatric dental office treated 4,000 children and young adults providing 9500 total visits.

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