HUSKY Dental – All the Information You Need

If you are planning a visit to Brooker Dental in Torrington CT, and want to know if we accept Husky Dental or if you are eligible for it this page offers a host of information covering eligibility, plan features and benefits, and even a link for you to apply for coverage.

Do you accept Husky Dental insurance coverage?

YES! We accept patients with Husky Dental coverage. Brooker Memorial Pediatric Dental Center accepts children up to age 20 with HUSKY, and pregnant women from pregnancy up to their child’s first birthday.

Husky Dental: depending on your plan Husky Dental covers, x-rays, routine teeth cleanings, oral exams, fillings, stainless steel crowns and sealants. Orthodontic services must pre-qualify under a set of conditions. Most services for Husky Health plan members are provided at no cost to members. Check the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership’s Husky Health dental plan service page for additional information.

All covered services for Husky Health plan members are provided at no cost to members, including many services you’ll enjoy at Dr. Dental. Husky Health dental care offers a different set of services for children and adults. Check the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership’s Husky Health dental plan service page for additional information.

What is Husky Dental

HUSKY Dental is one of the largest dental care providers in the State of Connecticut. Husky Health’s dental insurance program covers all qualifying residents of Connecticut. It is administered under Husky health Insurance and is provided in conjunction with the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership (CDHP).  Husky Health Insurance is the state’s public health coverage program for children, caregivers, parents, the elderly adults with no dependent children, adults with disabilities and also pregnant women.

HUSKY A: Provides health coverage for eligible children, teens, parents, relative caregivers and pregnant women. This is the most common of the all Husky Healthcare packages.

HUSKY B: Many States carry their own “CHIP” program. (Children’s Health Insurance Program), Husky Health plan B meets the requirements for children and teens up to age 19. This is similar to HUSKY A plan, but is for individuals and families with slightly higher income levels.

Husky Dental – Eligibility / Application Information

Am I Eligible?
HUSKY Health providers in Connecticut use personal/family income to determine eligibility. The best place to go to find out if you are eligible is the HUSKY Health For Connecticut Children & Adults how to qualify webpage on the CT Portal website.

How Do I Apply?
There are quite a few resources that can help you to apply for HUSKY Health Insurance. The simplest way is to apply through the CDHP. Their website includes a “How to Apply” page, which gives you an overview of the information you will need to gather and supply when filling out the application with the Department of Social Services. After you have gathered the materials , please sign up or re-enroll using this link: The Department of Social Services Provider Enrollment Website

The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership (CTDHP) is part of the HUSKY Health program.  Specifically, the CTDHP provides management and customer service for the dental benefits portion of HUSKY Health.  The CTDHP will help eligible members locate a participating network dentist or dental specialist, provide appointment scheduling assistance for families, offer translation assistance and help with the coordination of transportation to and from dental appointments, including locating a dental office that will work with individuals with special healthcare needs or require ADA accommodations.  For more information, contact the CTDHP Customer Service Representatives at 1-866-420-2924 or visit the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership (CTDHP) Website.