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Many children’s first dental experience is at an office focused on adult care, but at Brooker Dental we have designed an atmosphere to make your child feel safe, secure and unanxious about their dental visit. Brooker Dental has achieved an atmosphere that leaves a lasting, positive memory of their visit.  From our child-centered treatment and play rooms to the toys and games in the waiting room, our offices were designed with the interests and needs of children in mind.

Our exceptional staff is passionate about your child’s well being, care and comfort. Our virtual tour shows you many of the areas that we have designed to make your child’s experience with us be positive and carefree. And you can always contact us or come down in person to set up an appointment for your child.

Great experience as usual. Thanks!
You guys are wonderful! I definitely did not feel uncomfortable at all having my kids in the office. Everyone was so professional and the office was so clean.
W.S. - P.S.
Everything was clean and safe. We never have had a problem with the brooker dental and we will continue to take our kids there.